#BabyMewy's Gender Reveal Went Viral

June 3, 2017 was the second greatest day of our lives. For more reasons than one. 


We gathered with 40+ of our closest friends and family (Yes, 40+ of our closest) for a beautiful picnic in Inwood Hill Park by our apartment.

We didn't go all out with decor, but the food was scrumptious. Buffalo chicken roll-ups, three different types of pasta salads, fresh fruits, all types of delicious desserts, and of course, cake. But still, nothing crazy. That's not what the focal point was. We were more excited to know what our #BabyMewy was than anything, and boy were we in for a surprise. More than one actually. 

Our friends showed up with a drone and fully charged iPhones galore, so we have a pretty emotional af video to last us a lifetime of tears. (Thanks, Farah!)

Click through below to cry with us. Seriously. Grab a tissue.