Fun fact:

The day I found out I was pregnant was one of the most rollercoaster, weird, not-so-happy days of my life.

preg 2.jpg

"Your life is just beginning!"

— Mami

I remember sitting in the kitchen with my mom while crying my eyes out saying, "How could this happen? My life is literally over..."

A quick "SHUT THE FUCK UP," came from mami's mouth, much to my surprise.

"Your life is just beginning! What? You wanna go to a bar with your friends? Go! Have water. You wanna go to a music festival with Hewy? Go! Just make sure you have accessible bathrooms. You want a glass of wine one day? You can even do that too! This is just the beginning of your ENTIRE life as you're about to know it."

That was the best boche (boche is Dominican for scolding) of my life, and I'll never forget it. Thank you, mami.

The first three months were rough, but I am truly enjoying the hell out of my second trimester all while taking the most loving care of my body for me and #BabyMewy.

A 10K walk and a beach party all in one week. Guess who already feels like an invincible mom?

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