Our Pinterest Perfect Baby Shower

baby shower 1.jpg

We walked into our baby shower and died. Not literally, but my make-up sure did because I cried possibly the entire evening about how beautiful everything was. 

When it came time to talk about the baby shower I told my mom I didn't want one. Besides the new nonchalant, no-big-deal-please attitude I've adopted with pregnancy, I knew that my mom, as a school teacher, doesn't get paid during the summer, so a huge baby shower was out of the question. She nearly slapped me when I said that, so I obliged to booking the venue for her, giving her a few hundred bucks, and letting her and our families do their thing. 

WELL DAMN, DID THEY! Take a peek at the photos below and see for yourself. 

Our party took place at the Gantry Loft — a perfect empty loft space in Long Island City. It accommodated our 130 guests perfectly and then some. Our family also just did an amazing job at utilizing the giant space and created a soft, beautiful, grown-up shower for us to cry about all day. Ok, well...for me to cry about all day. 

A day out of my Pinterest dreams. Literally. I shared a private baby shower Pinterest board with the heads of our party's planning committee and that's how they knew what I wanted without spilling any details with us. Pretty genius if you ask me. 

ALSO...we announced...that we got married during our speech! More on that here.

We enjoyed our first dance as Mr. and Mrs. at our baby shower with all of our friends and family looking on with shock and awe. We wouldn't have done it any different.

All in all a PERFECT day. 

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