What’s Up with Mercury Retrograde? With Expert @TatiannaTarot

Here we are again - nudged between life and Mercury Retrograde.

What the hell is Mercury Retrograde anyway? You may have heard it in passing or seen it tweeted cynically by astrological non-believers, but I’ll break it down for those of you who are as clueless about the solar system as I used to be.


The universe may seem too vast to have any effect on us humans, but it’s inevitable for our Mother Earth (the fourth smallest planet in the Milky Way) not to feel the echoes of planetary activity. The planets are always shifting around. Mercury Retrograde occurs when Mercury orbits slower than normal, giving the illusion that it’s going backwards since Earth is moving forward at a faster pace. (Imagine speeding past a train cart that’s moving slowly. Same effect.) This happens three or four times a year for about three weeks at a time.

Mercury rules all things communication, so when it retrogrades, everything from coordination, expressions, travel and decision-making is likely to go haywire. Yes - THIS is why people blame Mercury Retrograde for everything and anything bad that happens to them. I plead guilty to having done the same, but that was before I did my research on the what’s and why’s and learned how to make the best of these tumultuous periods of time.

With the help of@TatiannaTarot, tarot reader, ritual practitioner and way more knowledgable about the stars than me, now you’ll know how to make the best of this Mercury Retrograde too.

Tatianna says… The first thing most people hear about Mercury is that it will ruin your life within those weeks that that it is retrograding - this is far from the truth. Astrology and other forms of sacred arts can be utilized to empower your life and your decisions. Take pro-active measures to make sure you are well cared for internally and externally to best cope with the energies at hand. In many ways, these planetary forces can assist you in getting things done. Mercury Retrograde will encourage us to reevaluate our lives on all levels. Its mass influence can cause miscommunication and a lack of understanding from the world around us. It’s best advised to pile up as less obligations and responsibilities at this time and continue to finish up on old projects that we have lingering on in our lives. It’s similar to a computer screen. When you open too many windows and programs, the system runs slower. Mercury Retrograde encourages us to SLOW DOWN. Where are you going and what are your intentions? Are you walking your talk and are you following through with all the plans you’ve intended to pursue? This time can bring great clarity as to what your priorities are. Strengthen your boundaries and your will power at this time. Learn to say “no” and make time for you, so that you can navigate your life with less stress and more peace.

When Mercury goes into Retrograde…

…tie up your loose ends.

Did you start cleaning out your closet and leave half of your wardrobe on the floor? Are you wondering what to do with the person on the other end of your summer fling? Staring at a project that you were once excited about? Complete, complete, complete.

Tatianna says… We may discover that elements from our past resurface at this time unexpectedly. Whether this be an ex-flame, old job opportunity, family memories or challenges you once thought were resolved, the important factor to note is to remove yourself from tunnel and look at the bigger picture. This is that one shot to gain clarity and closure - You will need to distinguish for yourself what you will allow to continue in your life and what needs to end. Mercury Retrograde delivers the need to complete things, to close chapters before your next stage of life. Establish what is right for you and what you will need to do in order to move forward. Until closure and clarity is gained, starting anything new is unadvised.

…triple check when signing, purchasing or sending. Since you can’t stop living because the planets feel like acting up, make sure to dot your i’s and cross your t’s when singing any important documents, forking over a ton of dough or making any commitments at all. I know it’s cuffing season AND the iPhone 6S is dropping, but maybe he/she isn’t the best idea right now and maybe you should hold off until the second batch of smartphones.

Tatiana says… The planet Mercury also rules technology and gadgets that rule our everyday lives. It’s an important time to consider the relationship we have with our phones, computers, etc. Are we too dependent on them? Many conscious individuals take this time to fast from their technological gadgets and really focus on establishing a close connection to self. This is not always possible, nor do we have the spare time to invest in self as easily, however, we are not entirely powerless. We can take precautionary measures to make sure that we don’t stress out over uncontrollable forces. Communication is key, so mean what you say and say what you mean! Be mindful that this is a sensitive time for all and we may not be aware of the battles other individuals are facing. Keep your expressions and intentions sweet and short. You want to go directly to the point so that there is no room for misinterpretations. Think before you speak and do so in an energetic matter that conveys your intention. Double check your work and take action on managing your time and documents. Everything is expected to arrive delayed or perhaps time is delaying for you as well, slowing you down in many ways. Thinking of ways in which you can be more practical and efficient so that you can be three steps ahead of the game will alleviate many burdens from your life. Stress less by thinking smarter, not harder.


…make time to be on time. New Yorkers that are always complaining about the MTA beware. Things could possibly get worse for commutes, flights and carpools. And not only because Pope Francis will be visiting NYC from September 24th-26th. (Another heads up!)

Tatiana says… This is probably the most frustrating aspect of Mercury…the delays and the amount of patience we build up waiting for transportation. The thing about Mercury Retrograde is that it forces us to think for ourselves and be pro-active in our lives. If we can foresee challenges ahead of our road, then what can we do now to best prepare for them? Preparation is key and will enable you to be more open to unexpected opportunities that come our way. Take note that during this period, things will go haywire and operate at a slower frequency. Instead of getting worked up about it and giving your power away to something that is out of your control, put yourself ahead of the game by making time to be on time and save yourself the drama from other’s lack of preparation.

…reflect, but don’t take things outside your control too seriously. Heightened awareness during this time makes it perfect for reflection. Self-reflection that is…not reflection on that stupid thing your co-worker said to you the day before. Take the things you can’t change with a grain of salt.

Tatiana says… You can expect realness to emerge during this time. Mercury Retrograde always brings about a sense of truth, honesty and integrity. The energy during this time will point to what is not working in your life, shining light on what you truly want and where you will need to enforce and strengthen your boundaries. Everyone around you is going through many challenges, so it’s best not to take anything personal, especially under such a pressuring influence. You will gain awareness on what is not working, and have the opportunity to either continue to allow patterns and cycles to repeat or drop them all together and further develop your power. Take this time to fall back and observe others’ reactions to their lives as you would a movie. You can even apply this practice to your own life. Learn from these reactions and have them guide you towards your next step instead of overreacting or being impulsive.

…pay attention to what the universe is telling you. This is a time of divination. In other words, the planet’s retrograde is known to cleanse and reveal the truth of certain situations. A time of reveal and heal if you will. Look at it as your life being fine-tuned.

Tatiana says… Mercury Retrograde will definitely highlight those aspects that you’ve been hiding from yourself or avoiding in someway. If something is wrong and needs fixing, this point in time will definitely show you the work that needs to be done. Reflect on what you most need and what you will do to ensure that you are meeting those needs. Signs from the universe will run amok, from intuitive emotional messages, to vivid dreams, to random encounters with people from your past. Pay attention and define your own meaning. It’s an excellent time to slow down and decipher what your spirit is communicating to you. Maybe it’s telling you that before you begin a new chapter in your life you need closure, or need to release toxic energies that have held you back until now. Regardless of what you are facing, explore new areas of interests and work on your spiritual development so that you are better equipped to handle the inconsistent energies in your life and regain balance and trust in yourself. Know that whatever transpires at this time, is always in your highest favor, even if disguised as something seemingly challenging and negative. We are being forced to see through all perspectives instead of maintaining a narrow single point of view. We are integrating the ALL of our being and sometimes this means that we are forced out of our comfort zone to grow and tend to our garden. Do not be afraid of expansion and be fearless in the work that you KNOW you must do for your own soul. 



About Our Expert Tatianna


As a professional tarot reader, she utilizes tarot & ritual work as a therapeutic service that offers clarity regarding personal subconscious beliefs, habitual patterns, life cycles & our journey along the way. With over 20 years of experience, she offers her services as a form of modern therapy and a lens into our spirits & souls. 

For more information about her services and spiritual development, visit her at MyUrbanIllumination.com

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