New Moon Manifestation Ritual

We’re all part of something much bigger than ourselves, so let’s tap into all the amazingness that is the Universe and everything around us to make the most of our lives here on Earth.

In this video I break down the Universe’s role in connecting with our higher selves, how to create a sacred space for centering yourself, and how to manifest a life you love with the New Moon by using only a journal and a pen.

New Moon Clause

I give thanks to the Universe for all of these New Moon intentions manifesting in divine time, and absolute perfect alignment with my highest good, and the highest good of all involved. So it is. 

Items Mentioned in Video

Prayer Candle
Prayer Candles, 3-pack

Smudging Kit with 3 Sticks
White Sage Bundle

Palo Santo
Palo Santo, 6-pack

Chakra Incense
Assorted Ayurvedic Chakra Incense Set

Healing Crystals and Stones
I usually purchase my crystals at my favorite spiritual shop, Stick, Stone & Bone in NYC, but you can also find them online here.