Prenatal Crystal Belly Meditation

As we near the end of the creation period and look towards labor, I can't help but to be nervous. It's our first time, so regardless of how many books we read, YouTube videos we watch, and conversations we have, we have no idea what to expect.

Human beings are made up of energy, and crystals are made up of earth energy. When we use crystals or stones in our self-care practices, vibrational healing ignites. So Sunday morning calls for a crystal belly meditation to calm both me and Baby Mewy from the inside out.

As I laid there with these earth gems on my body, I am invoking the energy each one of them brings forth in supporting me on my upcoming labor journey. I am asking the energy to penetrate my womb and reach my baby so that she is already made ready for the journey ahead. I show gratitude with each deep breath…while still being careful not to drop the crystals.

crystal bath for pregnancy
Bathing with crystals is the height of relaxation. It allows you to put yourself first, and set aside a moment of time that is exclusively about recharging your life force.


Rose Quartz – Unconditional love, emotional balance, and bonding

Carnelian – Courage, energy, and protection from fear

Sardonyx – Increased stamina and good fortune

Moonstone – Promote hormonal balance and encourage lactation

Black Obsidian – To keep us from physical and mental danger

Tiger Eye – Calm, balance, and manifestation

Smoky Quartz – To absorb labor pain