At-Home Workouts with Jordan Leigh Of @JLTrainingSystm

After 4 months of recovering from natural birth, I'm finally ready to start my workout journey! GOAL: Lose the 50 lbs I gained during my pregnancy, tone up, and build muscle. I just want to be in a body that I feel healthy and comfortable in, and lucky for me I have a pre and post-natal certified trainer as a friend. Jordan Leigh of @jltrainingsystm is coaching me through my transformational journey, and has helped me share some at-home workouts ANYONE can do in the comfort of their own home. Moms, there's even some variations you can do with baby too. 

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Workout Specifics

  • 10 reps of each workout, 5 rounds of the circuit
  • 1-2 minute breaks in between depending on your stamina
  • Small amounts of water during breaks


Hip Bridge

The bridge helps to reduce lower-back pain as well. It works the hamstrings, lower back, abs, in addition to the glutes.

With many of the benefits similar to that of a squat, another plus for the glute bridge is that it does not place any pressure on the lower back.

This is also a great exercise for people who are unable to squat due to back, hip, or knee pain. With the bridge, a person can work on these muscles while lying down and avoid putting pressure on his joints.

The glute bridge, which is much easier to learn than the squat, can be used as a training tool for building up to the full squat exercise.


Squat with Overhead Press

Overhead squats are a phenomenal tool for correcting the imbalances that lie among the hips, glutes, and lower back.

They have a threefold benefit. First, the overhead position of the bar makes much of the stability work go to the core, most predominately the lower back. Since the bar is held overhead, for most lifters, it will severely limit the depth achieved in the reps, and rounding of the lumbar spine will happen earlier in the rep.




Deadlifting has a very high metabolic cost that significantly stimulates fat burning. Studies have shown that the combination of dieting and weightlifting burns a greater amount of fat than cardio exercises or dieting on their own, so if you’re having a hard time getting ripped and improving vascularity, deadlifts may be the missing ingredient.

It efficiently targets more muscle groups than any other movements, which makes it the ultimate all-in-one exercise for a full body workout, especially in days when you lack the time for a complete workout routine. It hits both the lower and upper body, working the back muscles as well.

Since deadlifting targets all of the muscles responsible for your posture, it can be a powerful tool for increasing your core strength and stability, straightening and strengthening your back and improving your spine’s position. 



Downward Dog into Mountain Climber

Downward Dog:

The role of downward facing dog is vast. Done properly and consistently, the most noticeablebenefits include: Stronger hands, wrists, low-back, hamstrings, calves and Achilles tendon. Decrease in back pain by strengthening the entire back and shoulder girdle. 

Decrease in tension and headaches by elongating the cervical spine and neck and relaxing the head, epened respiration, creased anxiety, creased full-body circulation.


Mountain Climber:

Mountain Climbers are a killer exercise that get your heart rate up fast while also firing nearly every muscle group in the body—deltoids, biceps, triceps, chest, obliques, abdominals, quads, hamstrings and hip abductors. It’s truly a fully body workout! Mountain Climbers are also a very accessible exercise; you can perform them anywhere because they require only your bodyweight.


Cross Crunch

The cross crunch targets both the abs and the oblique muscles. This exercise helps to strengthen the core, sculpts the waist and tones the abdominal wall.