Angel Numbers - Guidance from the Universe

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If you follow me on Instagram, you've noticed that I sometimes post photos in my Stories of repeated numbers and allude to them having divine meaning. If you've ever wondered what they mean, and why they mean so much to me, wonder no more.

What Are They?

Numbers are a universal language. By universal, I mean neutral in that they can cut through any belief system in existence. It's almost safe to say that they rule the Universe itself. Numbers – long been considered sacred – can be found in repeating patterns in geometry, sound waves, the dimensions of planets, and many other scientific territories. Since there are no coincidences in life, these scientifically-proven arrangements affirm that numbers play a huge part in laying the groundwork for the Universe.

Just like everything else in existence, numbers carry an energetic vibration. So when you see repeated numbers or number sequences, you're being called to explore the vibrational implication of this message from the Universe. Your spiritual guides – or angels – are asking you to be present at that moment and take notice of your thoughts and what is going on around you because they are with you in that moment. Respected authors, therapists, and spiritualists regard seeing angel numbers as a sign of spiritual awakening. 

My Story

I started seeing repeating numbers a month before I hit rock bottom for the last time. Specifically 555. I had no idea what they meant, but I saw them everywhere - license plates, timestamps, and building numbers to name a few. I remember speaking to my friend Ghislaine about them because she had always told me about her connection to the number 7, and she advised me to search for the meanings of numbers when they appeared. It meant that my guides were with me at that moment.

After skimming through countless reputable websites, I found out that 555 meant "change is coming." Being that I was a disconnected version of myself back then, the thought of change made me anxious. I finally had a career I was proud of, but was in a lackluster space in my relationship. I didn't want anything to change. I needed the job and was terrified of my relationship ending.

Exactly a month later, my relationship with Hewy ended for the last time. (We're married now. Our story is long and very interesting. Catch us talking about it here.) The 555s I kept seeing were not trying to warn me, but prepare me for the necessary changes that were about to take place. 

Although I was astonished at the connection, I was spent. That day, I stood in my living room and cried like I had never cried before. I was broken and angry – less about the breakup, and more about all of the horrible things I had endured in my life to this point. I spent a solid eight years feeling confused, angry, hurt, and exhausted about it all.

I stood in my living room and said through tired tears, "I'm done trying to live a life I hate. I don't want to feel like this anymore, but I don't know what to do. I don't understand why my life is like this. I don't understand why this is happening to me, but I surrender. Please guide me. Please give me a sign."

That day I decided to relinquish control over the things that were uncontrollable. I was done. I knew that I had just asked for a sign, and although I was mentally depleted, I know that I had to keep my sense activated in case a sign came along. 

The Universe – being mysterious and clever as it is – sent me my first signs in...numbers. 111s and 222s poured into my life. I deduced that my guides were with me during my decision to surrender, and were asking me to be intentional about my healing. At this point I had websites bookmarked on my phone for easy access to number meanings. I saw them everywhere – on my way to yoga, on my way to work, in the car with Hewy after the first time we spoke again, and even on vacation a few months later after we got back together and discussed each other's healing in detail. 

A photo I tweeted with the    #HiGod    hashtag I adopted when I started receiving continuous messages of support from the Universe during my period of intense healing.

A photo I tweeted with the #HiGod hashtag I adopted when I started receiving continuous messages of support from the Universe during my period of intense healing.

Why You Should Open Your Eye(s)

Angel numbers aren't a coincidence or a prompt to make a wish. Wishes are empty. Angel numbers are 5D confirmation that you're never alone on your 3D journey. They act as numerical flags on your road of life.

No one person is more special than the other – we're always receiving messages from the Universe, but connectedness makes a difference in whether you see the signs or not. You don't have to tune in and be woke to anything, but I don't know why anyone would not want to.

As you continue to see angel numbers, receive messages, and ask for guidance, you may feel more connected to the Universe. This means you're "plugging in" and allows for your guides to lead you more easily. Think a brighter, clearer, calmer, existence. 

Angel Number Meanings

Here are the quick meanings of the most common number sequences people see, but for easy on-the-go access, I've created an Angel Number Pocket Guide for you to save on your phone. 



Be aware of your thoughts and ideas, because they are manifesting into reality. 


Keep the faith and stand strong through tough times. Trust that your life is unfolding in divine time.


The Ascended Masters, or archangels, are with you, offering support and love.


Pay attention to your intuition. Your connection to your angels are very strong right now, and they are guiding you towards the best path.


Necessary changes are on the horizon. Embrace them. They come at the perfect time.


Balance your thoughts. Trust the Universe in regards to your goals, and your social, and financial issues.


You have taken divine guidance into account and are spiritually evolving. Continue to express the best version of yourself to align closer with your divine purpose and shine your light on the world. 


You have manifested financial or material abundance. Unexpected rewards for your good work on their way to you.


Closure. A phase (or phases) in your life is coming to an end. You have all you need to prepare for a new beginning.


Simplify your life in order to align yourself with your blessings. Remove anything that is draining your energy, time, and resources.

Your Date of birth

When you see the numbers of your date of birth repeatedly, your angels are calling you to focus on pursuing your divine purpose. Ask for their guidance.


*Explanation can also be applied when seeing the number 1111 or 11:11 on a clock.