February 2018: I Love Myself, Inside & Out

I Love Myself BLOG POST.jpg

February – Valentine’s Day month – can be a daunting time for many, especially single people who are longing for love. Most think it's a reminder that they aren't fit to love or be loved, but in actuality, sour feelings about Valentine's Day only highlight the reality that you just want to be in a loving relationship. Relationships are a reflection of the love we have for ourselves, so this February, we're going to focus on radically loving ourselves inside and out instead of sulking about not getting invited to an overpriced dinner and getting a teddy bear that will catch dust on a shelf in a month.

Each week will focus on nurturing our mind, body, and soul. Click through the calendar below for details on upcoming content, and weekly digital events you won't want to miss out on. Save the events to your phone's calendar app so you don't forget to tune in!

February Instagram Challenge - #TodayILovedMe

  • Use this month's challenge hashtag, #TodayILovedMe, to post one way you loved yourself that day in your Instagram Stories. Want to post it on your actual Instagram grid instead? Go ahead!

  • Each morning, I will post my three favorite #TodayILovedMe posts from the day before. Must tag me at @melalamode_ in order to be considered.

  • Your daily acts of self-love do not have to be fun or relaxing. Forgiving someone, speaking up for yourself, or simply living your truth are some of the best forms of self-love there are. The more vulnerable the better. Vulnerability is bravery, and bravery breaks down walls to let your light be seen.

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