Unless you got it like that, I am all about styling on a budget. As an accessory hoarder, I am always on the hunt for great looking, affordable costume jewelry. Luckily for me (and for you), I stumbled upon SHOPMISSA.COM. EVERYTHING on the site is…I swear, click the link…$1.00. Yes. As in 100 pennies. 

Like you probably are right now, I was skeptical upon finding it. Dollar jewelry? Ew. But as I surfed the site, clicked on each page and looked through the merch, I knew I had found a gem. Some of the stuff, I’m here to be honest, isn’t worth more than $1.00. On the other hand, the site does have some great products that are worth hawking. I say hawking because the good stuff goes quickly. I was lucky enough to snag some of the cuter items before they were sold out. The site also features sunglasses, nail art, phone cases, make-up, stationary and other cute little tchotchkes. After literally clicking everything, I ended up with a cart of 54 items. After coming to my senses and eliminating some stuff, I ended up buying 17 items with their $3.95 flat rate shipping for a combined total of of $20.95. When was the last time you spent $20.00 for a box full of stuff?!

A true accessory fanatic knows to protect her costume jewelry so that its life is expanded. If not taken care of properly, cheap jewelry can oxidize and turn your skin green. TIP: Take the little packets that come inside your shoe containers, silica gel packets, and throw them in the storage container where you will store your accessories. Having your jewels stored away with the packets protects against moisture or mold and will maximize usage. 

Let me know what you guys throw in your cart!

Happy shopping!