13th Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards


“In its 13th year, the award recognizes people as leaders…trendsetters in their respective fields and is on-point with LatinTRENDS Magazine’s mission of inspiring a new generation of forward thinking men and women.”

I was more than honored to have been seated amongst so many wonderfully inspiring women and men last Tuesday evening for the 13th Annual #LatinoTrendsetter Awards.  I have my friends to thank for believing in me enough to have nominated me for an award honoring a top NYC blogger making strides in the community. Although the other nominees and I lost to two extremely deserving gentlemen, it was amazing to have been in attendance. I was nothing but a sponge in the fifth row, soaking up all the of winners’ tales of risk, trials and eventual success. The internet exposes us to stories of triumph everyday, but to hear them, along with words of encouragement, from the mouths of strong Latinos and Latinas was truly moving. 

“Latinos are in style!” - #LatinoTrendsetter Awards

I dress according to my mood. As for my ensemble for the evening, I wanted to do less of an “award show” look and more of a retro Latina look. I totally channeled my abuela for this a-line midi skirt, sheer blouse, lace bustier, deliciously bold shoe and statement earring #OOTN. Super appropriate, super unique, super comfortable. I also kept my make-up retro with a winged liner, some Remy hair lashes and a bold lip. To be honest, I’m not very adventurous with my make-up looks, so this is my go-to when stepping out on the town. Tutorial maybe? 

All in all, an amazing event. My favorite part besides all of the impressive speeches? The performances - tons of salsa dancing, Jeannie Sol’s soulful stylings ending with her wig in the crowd (LOL!), and the incomparable Tito Nieves as he helped me fabricar fantasias. I felt like a little girl all over again. I hope I have the privilege to attend again next year for the 14th!