What’s better than attending a super fancy party? Getting dressed for a super fancy party. 

I’m not the type of girl who buys a dress for every single occasion, (because who can really afford to do that) so I chose to reuse some things from my wardrobe and spice them up with a modern make-up look and some sparkle.


I Instagrammed this photo a few days ago and was sent tons of sweet messages. I love this look just as much, so here are the deets on the ensemble…

This dress is an ASOS recycle from New Years Eve 2013. The gorgeous red-orange lycra midi has a to-die-for cowl back that will surely leave an impression. I’ve never been into sequins or excessive prints, so a bright bodycon with a super sexy detail was the perfect way to say, “Hey family! Haven’t seen ya’ in a while, but I’m obviously doing just fine.” You guys know how that goes. 


My shoes are a 4 year old GUESS release - specifically their signature Hondo peep toe in a gold multicolor glitter texture. I know, I’m teasing because they are absolutely gorgeous and not on the market anymore, but pairing a plain dress with some sparkly pumps nixes out the need to accessorize with jewelry. I wore my signature diamond studs and a simple cocktail ring for some added bling.


As for my make-up, I kept it modern, glowy and simple. No false lashes, no bright lip. It was all about the skin for this look. 

I achieved my gorgeous glow by contouring with H&M’s deep bronzing powder, (YES, H&M! I’m obsessed) highlighting with Benefit’s Watt’s Up! stick highlighter, and setting my face with Mario Bedescu’s Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs And Rosewater. That product trio has been helping me slay in all my glowy glory this winter. And the bold brow? It’s all me with the help of some brow powder. Thanks for the thick hair genes, Ma. 

My signature slick-back, and you guys know I love me a slick-back ‘do, was achieved using what I like to call a hood hair product. You know…the ones you pay $6 for at your local inner city beauty supply because they’re freaking amazing? Soft Sheen Carson’s Let’s Jam Condition and Shine Extra Hold Gel would definitely fall under that category, except I paid a whole $2.99 for it. I combed it into 3-day blow-dried hair and that was that. It stayed put through all the merengue and salsa dancing. 

Keep it simple, classy and sexy, ladies!