Working with Moon Energy to Align with Your Highest Self

Working with Moon Energy to Align with Your Highest Self

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Uncover the basis of who we really are as cosmic goddesses, and how we can stay loyal to our truth while living intentionally and aligning with our highest selves as I share my enlightenment story, the real about releasing and manifesting, and how to use the moon cycles to connect with the divinity of the Universe in order to manifest your best life.

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Topics Covered

  • God, the Universe, and Spiritual Connection

  • The Anatomy of the Cosmic Goddess

  • My Enlightenment Story

  • Working with Moon Energy

  • The inner-workings of releasing negative and unwanted energy

  • The inner-workings of manifesting your blessings (and how many spiritual influencers lie about it)

  • Various Full and New Moon Rituals that are Effective for Me

  • Ritual FAQs

  • Tools and Resources
    (A pdf Tools + Resources guide is included with your purchase.)

If you haven’t watched my New and Full Moon ritual videos, please do! The workshop will help answer any questions that arise afterward.

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Melanie Santos Moon Ritual How to work with Moon Energy Workshop

All of our lives we’ve been told to diet, exercise, and moisturize because our bodies are the most important part of our being. While we are physical bodies, we are SO much more than just flesh and bones, and true wellness encompasses a world beyond just nourishing what’s on the surface. True wellness embraces the health of the mind and body through the spiritual connectedness of the soul.

Every single one of us is a soul inhabiting a body with a divine purpose. We were all incarnated to play a part in a grander story, to carry out a mission, and although we live in a world of mass chaos and destruction, we have the ability to decide if our lives mirror that. Pain is not always a prerequisite of joy and fulfillment. Actually, many things – including physical ailments and negative thought patterns – are physical manifestations of one’s disconnection to Spirit. This workshop will offer clarity on how you can reconnect.

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This video is a recording of a workshop that was streamed live on Sunday, November 18 at 12 PM EST.

The registration link to the workshop will be on the downloadable pdf included in your purchase email and confirmation page. Register by clicking the link in the pdf. Please note that the link to the pdf in the purchase email expire 24 hours after its first click.

Your purchase and registration gives you indefinite access to the workshop recording. Basically, you can watch it as many times as you want, whenever you want.

Replication of the recording or sharing of the workshop link is prohibited and will be met with legal action.

Due to the nature of this product, it is non-refundable. All sales are final upon receipt.

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