Creating from Within

Creating from Within

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An online workshop that connects spirituality and creativity + helps create the foundation for authentic, purposeful, engaging content. Presented by Melanie Santos, mind, body, soul wellpreneur, and intuitive creative with over eight years of marketing experience. Join live or purchase access to the recording forever.

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A LIVE Online Workshop

Thursday, May 30
7:30 PM EST

Topics Covered:

  • How spirituality is connected to creativity

  • How to center yourself and manifest creative energy

  • Defining an honest mission and vision

  • Online authenticity and vulnerability

  • How to get yourself out of a creative rut

  • Tools and resources to help you create easily and efficiently across online platforms

  • Spiritual tools that enhance creativity and connectivity

  • Much, much more

There are tons of branding, blogging, and content creating resources on the internet, but none of them connect creativity to spirituality. If you’re wondering what they have to with each other, the answer is everything.

We’re spiritual beings first and human beings second. Regardless of the faith you’re subscribed to, we were all created equally and masterfully by an omnipotent force of radical creativity. In order to respect the beliefs of all, I like to call it the Universe.

We aren't just associated with all the divinity and creativity that is the Universe, we ARE all the divinity and creativity that is the Universe. And we were brought to life to use it to manifest and fulfill our purpose on Earth.

Sadly, many people aren’t tapping into that energy and are resorting to false-authenticity on social media, blog posts, newsletters, and even videos. Inauthentic content may result in likes and even some revenue, but in the long run, the likes and the money will fade, and you’ll be burnt out from keeping up an act and spending every second “figuring out what to post next” instead of marketing yourself or your brand honestly.

When you try hard, you die hard. I want to help you quit the act, remember wtf you are, and present yourself accordingly online.

I know what it’s like to have to make nothing into something and make it look good to an online user. I’ve been creating content since I could remember, but I’ve been blogging, newsletter writing, web designing, and social media marketing for myself and for corporate companies for over eight years. I not only know what it takes from the creator and client standpoint, but I’ve mastered the art of intuitive branding to let my heart and mind speak and capture any audience in the process.

The apps and platforms may continue to evolve and update, but the only thing that stays grounded in your mission is your heart and soul. I want to teach you how to use it to maximize your online presence. 

Whether you’re an experienced creator that’s in a rut or you’re just considering bringing an idea to life through creative strategy, this workshop will dive into how to center yourself creatively, define your honest mission and vision, and discuss how to put the foundation in place to create authentic content that moves your audiences.

Is this workshop for spiritual people/brands only?

No! My last couple of branding clients are nowhere in the spiritual space - a healthy chef, a media consultant, and an eyebrow artist. Anyone and everyone that is looking to learn how to connect with themselves in order to connect with their audience/clients is welcome to join.

What this workshop
won’t teach you:

How to get more likes, views, and clicks.

If you’re worried about the numbers, you’re worried about the wrong things. It’s not about how many times people click, it’s about what they do once they click. We’ll discuss analytics and how they play just as much a part of your soul and creative growth than they do for your followers.

Ready to learn how to flow creatively and purposefully?

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