Summer and fall have come and gone and flings have either withered away or turned into sparkly winter romances. The fact that the air in NYC hurts your face this time of year is no reason to skimp on your boo. There are only so many “Netflix nights” a couple can take. You’re in luck. Enjoy the second installment of Anti-$200 Dates – Affordable NYC winter hangouts. 

  • Cliché but still totally fun and romantic? Go ice-skating at The Rockefeller Rink. Just make sure to wear extra layers just in case you happen to have a Bambi on ice moment. 
  • Cozy up with something sweeter than your bae. A mug of hot chocolate from renowned  Cacao Bar MarieBelle should do the trick.
  • What about some REAL hot chocolate? Please do fondue. Try The Bourgeoius Pig or Taureau. Reservations, reservations, reservations. 
  • You can never go wrong with museum hopping. Throw on that infinity scarf and get to interpreting some art while interlocking fingerless gloves. 
  • Wine tasting, anyone? Wine MAKING, anyone? Make reservations for an interesting artisanal night out at City Winery or Brooklyn Winery.
  • Have a staycation, or should I say baecation. Rent a hotel room with a hot tub and get steeeeeamy. Download Hotel Tonight for amazing last minute five-star bookings and use my promo code for $25 credit on sign-up: MMARTINEZ603.
  • An Off-Broadway show is a way to stay warm and watch some art in motion. Check out one of my absolute favorites, Fuerza Bruta now presenting WAYRA. 
  • Less interpretive dance and paintings and more bass? Stay in the know of the best free (yes, like $0) events in the city with MyFreeConcert.
  • Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be a sweaty why-did-I-wear-every-article-of-clothing-I-own-to-carry-500-bags mess. Bring your beau along, take your time, stop for lunch, and help each other out.
  • If the weather is horrid enough to actually have to stay in for a Netflix night, grab a great dessert recipe, a bottle of whiskey and make it reeeeally cozy. Check out the girls over at SmallChicksBigEats for some delicious step-by-steps. 

Stay warm and happy dating - xoxo.