Speaking in terms of the era of social networks, because whether you like it or not, that is what we are…we’ve spun ourselves into a giant web of confusing okay-ness. 

weve made it ok

We’ve made it okay to pass public judgement on everything and anything. An opinion is slapped on a visual and reposted until it’s too pixelated to make out. We claim to be a society of free minds and spirits, but someone doesn’t need to look closely to see that we’re all chained together by an incessant need to be IN. As an observer, there is a very small percentage of people who stay true to themselves. And even then, most of them publicly venerate their own uniqueness - something that’s counterproductive in my eyes. There is no privacy. There is no personal sanctity without it being publicly accounted for. The generation is being televised, tweeted, and blogged about in the worst ways. 

We’ve made it okay to compete with each other. By all means, rush for the finish line, but make sure you shake hands at the end. Everything is being contested: Clothing, endeavors, passions, FRIENDS? Who has the best this and who has the better that isn’t going to get us very far. I guess it makes for interesting results, but couldn’t we get much farther, faster if we worked together?

We’ve made it okay to hate love…or even worse, fake love. Don’t tell me you love me. No, seriously. Don’t tell me you love me and then turn your back. Call me crazy, but I take love extremely seriously. I’ve been told I’m a dying breed amongst a generation of young women and men that exploit the people they are not given the chance to or no longer share love with. We’ve lost touch with what it means to really love someone. Don’t tell me you love me for the color of my eyes, the sheen of my skin or the round of my ass. Love me for me and don’t let me go. Are you going through a heartbreak? Does the person your heart beats for not beat back for you? You’ll get over it, but it’s up to you, not the millions of people that will retweet your sad nothings. Love or don’t, but don’t ruin it for everyone else.

This is an ode to observing. Learning. Growing. Doing better. Being better. There are many waves to ride in this day and age, but some of them, still, are not okay.

Art by Adam Scott Gillespie.