February 14th - 45th day of the year, day of commemoration for St. Valentine’s death and national loooooove day, right? So…why hate it so much? Oh you’re single? SO WHAT. There are far better ways to spend Valentine’s Day than self-loathing - or loathing those that are accepting candy hearts and roses while you’re sitting at home watching “Seinfeld” reruns and getting junk food stains on your nice pajamas.


This is an ode to Valentine’s Day- Because I don’t hate it! Because yes, it’s just another day, but it’s not just another day. Because its a day to do my favorite thing: LOVE AND APPRECIATE. Because it’s a day to actually smile while walking into work. (It’s okay, go ahead. Smell the flowers that your coworkers were sent from their husbands.) Because it’s a day to call your parents, your significant other, or anyone that listens to you and puts up with your shit and thank them for continuing to do so. Don’t text them, CALL them. Or even better, write them a letter. It’s a day to thank your mailman, UPS guy and Dominos delivery boy for trekking through New York City’s resident Antarctica to get to you. This is a day to love those who love you. Tell those that you don’t tell enough that you love them. Give people flowers while they can still smell them - and if not, tell those that have passed that you love and miss them too.

If poetry, chocolate hearts and flowers isn’t your style, then fine. And if just appreciating those around you isn’t your cup of tea either, then FINE. Don’t crap on everybody else’s pancakes. It’s a day to be happy.

So if that means plugging in your electric blanket while your cheese covered Doritos heat up in the microwave and “The Butterfly Effect” buffers on your laptop, then sprinkle some more cheese on those nachos. Have a blast. Love yourself. Do whatever makes you happy. That’s the best type of love.

Happy V-Day - XOXO.