I flicked a curl out of my eye, dug my fresh pedicure in the sand and watched the sun set on the Hudson as I sipped my vodka-gin-tequila-rum concoction. The sun set, but it dawned on me.

This is my time. 

Hay algunas cosas que sólo le puede decir el sol mientras le pinta la piel. There are some things that only the sun can tell you as it paints your skin. Yesterday, its messages were loudest and clearer than ever. This is an ode to the summer SOLstice. 

Do not waste any more of your time.


This is my 25th summer. I can choose to drink my days away and continue to entertain the things that haven’t gotten me anywhere at this point…or I can be as productive as possible. Everyone has their own definition of productivity. Mine? Wrapping up an art piece. A good, long talk with a friend. A finished book. Turning a new leaf with someone. Even lounging with my family in my backyard. Being productive doesn’t always mean having to work yourself to the bone. Productivity can be producing so that to come to a fruitful result. What fruitful result that might be is up to you. I’m letting go of anything that doesn’t fulfill me, and grasping onto the things and people that make me feel whole. 

Love yourself. Really.

I’m always advocating self-love, but I haven’t been the best spokesperson. Unless you have the time and mental capacity, falling completely in love with yourself takes time. Self-love is not to be misconceived with public displays of narcissism. Sometimes the person with most selfies can’t stand themselves. Self-love means being 110% comfortable within YOU. As a teenager I always thought the phrase, “Your 20s are for finding yourself,” was always hilarious. Like seriously…what’s to find? I get it. They’re for finding out how to work with the steps you’ve taken, or retracing those steps and starting a new path. They’re for getting lost and enjoying the sights, but making sure you record every turn so that you don’t go down the same roads. They’re for taking care of your body AND your mind. There’s no need to choose either. I’ve just learned how to walk - My 20s are for finding my balance. 


There are 93 days of summer. That’s 93 days to release. Release myself from anything that binds me. Release tempers and grudges. Release anything that doesn’t serve me. Release love into the world. I’ve lost a lot from putting tons of good energy into things and people that didn’t return it to me, but in the process, I’ve gained more than I’ve lost. Although I have my off weeks, I am one of the strongest people that I know. I’ve never let a bump in the road stop me from personal progression and I won’t start now. 

This is an ode to my favorite season and all of the good that it will bring. Cheers to the Summer of 2014.