My brain is an interesting place. A factory comprised of cranks and gears that power endless conveyor-belts of thoughts. This week’s wisdom through observation is an ode to the thoughts that are left unexpressed.

  1. Why are you still brunette? Like, serious question. You’re brunette because its your natural, healthy hair color, but are you happy? I think not. We put effort into things that don’t elate us solely because they are “good for us” in one way or another. Whatever. So…when are you going blonde again?
  2. I delivered my question ever so eloquently while you unfairly judged me. Why? Was it because my baby hair grazes the edges of my hairline like strokes on a Van Gogh? Were my large facial features and tan skin cause for your surmise? Or was it because my tail back-up dances for me with every step? I asked you for the outerwear department, but you lead me to the North Face display in the Junior’s section. I see. I get it. I am in fact the girl you take me for. The girl that listens to rap, gyrates on weekends and wears big gold jewelry while doing so. The girl that can recite all of Nas’ “It Was Written” album as she types a 10-page research paper on fascism entirely in Italian. Double spaced. MLA Format. Thank you for the directions. Hope you find some of your own.
  3. Who are you to dispose of anyone? Who are you to make anyone feel insignificant? Who am I to let someone else make me feel insignificant? I was once nothing, but then I was everything. Remember. You are [you] partially because I was [me] to you. I changed, I affected, I grew. You cannot chop me down.
  4. Why didn’t you sort through your Salvation Army’s worth of words before you collaged them and dumped them on me? I don’t understand, although you make perfect sense.
  5. Why do you set your alarm 35 minutes before you actually squirm out of bed? Why do you pay your bills after the first collection warning? Why are you the first to know but the last to arrive? Why do you turn your underwear inside out before you decide to wash your laundry? Do you live for the rush? Why?