For deciding to be more conscious this past year. For making mistakes, but appreciating the lessons brought forth by them. For the strain on family bonds that created new connections with friends. For the loss of friendships that restored them. For the unexpected forks along the road. For the scenic routes I would have never discovered without them. For taking my confidence to new heights. For the courage to magnify my flaws for the world. For not only being accepted, flaws and all, but for becoming a vessel of hope for the people I share them with. For the opportunities manifested by my fearlessness. For the bold women I’ve united with. For giving #girlpower new definitions. For music and it’s knack for saving my life. For my passions. For the support they receive. For the support I receive.

For waking up everyday, crawling out of my soft sheets, using a bathroom with running water, eating a plate of fresh food, putting on my reading glasses, booting up my MacBook and updating my website. My soapbox. My public piece of me. 

An Ode to Thanksgiving 2015. 

I want to acknowledge every single person that has ever read, shared, commented, liked, faved, reposted anything in regards to MEL À LA MODE. I am super grateful to be celebrating her 2nd blogiversary, but she wouldn’t be here without you. Thankful for you. 

Wishing you a warm, savory, safe Thanksgiving.