For these past 12 months. For deciding to make fearless decisions. For falling down after some of them. For standing tall after all of them. For the people who stuck by. For the people who withered away. For the money I’ve earned. For the money I’ve spent. For the stamps in my passport and the geotags in my VSCOcam. For being able to share those photos with my family. For my mom’s sound advice. For my dad’s sound warnings. For both of their love and all of their support. For the group texts that keep us connected across the country. For the message notifications that keep us up all night. For the FaceTime calls from my godmother. For the fact that she can’t use her hands but manages to press [send]. For eternal love with no conditions. For relinquished doubt and self security. For being sexy with 12 inches of hair. For being sexy with 2 inches of hair. For self appreciation. For appreciation - period. For originative expression. For creative bravery. For my voice. For your eyes. 

An ode to my readers.

Happy One Year Blogiversary to MEL À LA MODE. 

My gratitude is endless.