For waking up to the smell of cooked food. For being able to tune into NBC for the parade with my breakfast but really wanting to eat turkey already. For not having to verbally say “Thank you” to my mom and dad, but letting a hug speak for me. For getting yelled at for picking at the dinner food at noon. For being able to cook my first Thanksgiving dish for my family. For my moms reaction to a turkey grease smoke storm in my house. For 5 firefighters and 4 police officers showing up and being our dessert before dinner. For starving but knowing my family would be over soon. For finding the perfect outfit. For hearing my aunt’s laugh as soon as she entered the door. For hearing her laugh even though she can’t walk. For making never ending trips from the kitchen to the dinner table because the amount of food just never ends. For joining hands in prayer. For being able to go for seconds. For having to say, “No, no boyfriend yet,” for the 60th time. For dancing the full tummy off. For still being full on Friday morning.

Thankful for life.