The key crassly makes its way through the key hole as if to alert everyone inside that you have arrived. You slither out of your layers of outerwear, walk past the living room listlessly greeting your roommates, and make your way into your bedroom. Fast forward the candle lighting and the long, hot shower - you’re laying there in your cotton Hanes - your body aches lamenting the full day’s work. You’re laying there - clean body, messy mind. You’re laying there - too exhausted to fix yourself a plate in the kitchen, but too hungry to stop working yourself to the bone day to day. You’re laying there wondering…is this all worth it?


The above description was that of one of those days. One of those days I’m sure all of us have had and can relate to. But what if one of those days in turn becomes one of those weeks, one of those months, one of those years? What if sooner or later you’re sitting at home with five dogs and million grays wondering where those days, months and years all went? This isnt an ode to stress per se, instead an ode to organizing your stress.

Take a seat beside me for a moment. I took one earlier this week after finding a white strand (not gray) while straightening my hair. I took a long, deep breath and reassessed my stressors. Sure, I work hard and play harder, but is everything in between reasonable cause for these tiny natural highlights? Sometimes it’s more than necessary to call yourself out on your own theatrics before they get the best of you. Take into account that even if you can’t eliminate your stressors, you can relieve them. Whether its a scoop of rocky road and some Netflix or sweating it out at a bikram yoga class, find an outlet for built up tension. (Bikram yoga is my outlet of choice.) Don’t have time to unwind? Then classify your stress - what’s actually worth stressing about for overall gain and what should you change your reactions to.

Work hard, play harder, but don’t forget that you are only human. WOOSAHHHH. And as always, do better to be better.