Life’s Catcher’s Mitt.…I have one.

It didn’t come packaged with instructions or previews as to what kind of fastballs I was going to catch with it, but I’ve learned to use it quite well. We all have a catcher’s mitt. Some people use theirs, some people don’t. Some people try to use their mitts, but drop the balls shortly after. (Look at me making sports references like I know what I’m talking about.) This is an ode to my catcher’s mitt.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I promised myself that this blog wouldn’t be a place to dwell on negativity…BUT this week (…more like this month) my catcher’s mitt has gotten some notable use. I’ve found myself in countless fuzzy situations throughout my life and I can’t say I’ve always known how to handle them. I’ve lost my cool, yelled, screamed, cursed and cried. Although, I’ve never gotten physical with anyone (ladies do not fight), it doesn’t mean it hasn’t crossed my mind. This week while speaking to a friend about an incident, she applauded my patience and strength. I thought, “Shit. She’s right. Where did all this come from?” Experience? Exhaustion from reacting irrationally in the past? Maturity perhaps? Wherever it dropped in my lap from, I’m proud to have it.

Whether it’s having to deal with an ex-flame’s ex-girlfriend’s liquid courage, or catching myself after an emotional debacle with someone I trusted, I couldn’t be more proud of my reactions. Sure, I dwell a little on the what-the-hell-just-happened factor, but it’s a great feeling when everything finally clicks. I’ll never forget the moment when I no longer felt like a coward for walking away from a sour situation. Maybe it is emotional maturity or maybe it’s just because ain’t nobody got time for that. Then again, I’ve learned that the two are quite synonymous in my journey through my 20’s.

This is an ode to all of the screaming and cursing I didn’t do, all the faces that I didn’t feel worthy enough to feel my soft hands via slap, and the situations I stood and laughed at. If you’ve assisted in these realizations of dignity, I am endlessly grateful. You may continue to have a seat. As for me, I’m aware that as unfair as it is, bad things will never stop happening…but I’ll always have my catcher’s mitt. Wake up and put yours to use.