You see it. You post it. You retweet it. You Pin it. You like it. You love it. But do you live it?

I dedicated 2014 to working actively on being fearless and shining my light into the world. I’ve accomplished more than I thought I would in 308 days, but there are many components to the use and preservation of one’s luminescence. There’s one part of the equation that I can’t seem to master, and it’s because of this that I allow moths to crowd my gate. 


I have the tendency to look at a moth and see a butterfly. It sounds beautiful, but there isn’t anything pretty about dimming your own light to join in the darkness of others. I am a repeat offender. Guilty as charged. Excusing the behaviors of certain people because of reasons that seem rational to me. Reasons that I craft out of good will, optimism and even fear. Why? Because rationalizing someone’s actions or words, or lack thereof, is easier than facing the truth. 

The truth?

A moth is not a butterfly. Defined as stout, drab and flat, a moth is a moth. As Warsan Shire once said, “Sometimes your light attracts moths and your warmth attracts parasites.” The bigger and brighter you allow yourself to shine, the more magnetizing you become. What you attract is beyond you, but what you keep becomes your responsibility. 


This is an ode to sifting, because theres nothing wrong with separating the pebbles from the seashells in your life. By all means, be fluorescently you. Meet people, swap words, but be conscious of who you exchange with. Energy is not a currency. Sift out the energies that drain you. Don’t become a yes man. There is nothing wrong with saying no - you can’t be everything to everybody. Let your light emanate, but don’t give it away to someone who doesn’t glow on their own. “Good Vibrations” isn’t just a song, it’s a fact of life. Not everyone is meant to vibrate on the same frequency. Don’t allow yourself to become static.

Shine your light. Let it permeate, but protect it.

Art by Deborah Klein