It’s 2014. There are countless platforms you can utilize to showcase your talents in an effort to fulfill a dream or goal. Those countless portals also make it that much easier to get lost in a mix of people that don’t deserve the opportunity that you want. The truth? They deserve what’s in their grasp as much as you want it. The uglier truth? They’re doing something that you’re not. Whose fault is that?


Discouragement is a dream’s kryptonite. I think I speak for many, if not the majority of my generation, when I say that living in today is really f*cking hard. I am an artist in every sense of the word. I’m more than just a few words on a website - I’m a member of the Art and Italian Honor Societies, a classically trained pianist, an ex-dancer, a not-so-shabby singer and a self-taught graphic designer. If you didn’t know that, it’s because sometimes I think I suck. I know. How can I admit to serious self-doubt when I’m such an advocate for self-assurance and ambition. I KNOW…but I would be lying if I said I don’t have moments where I have to scramble for faith. Whether I’m scrambling after ingesting someone else’s seemingly flawless final product or scrambling after being rejected by an opportunity I thought I had, WE ALL SCRAMBLE. 

Self-doubt is debilitating to any process, but the way it cripples the creative process is bewildering to those who haven’t felt it firsthand. The work of a creative is dependent on declaring one’s voice, and being able to declare that voice is reliant on confidence. Maybe that’s what sets people apart - confidence. If untalented people become successful because they let their fearlessness speak for them, imagine where a truly gifted person could be with even an ounce of the same tenacity. This is an ode to scrambling. Scramble for reminders of why you set that goal. Scramble for the feelings felt when you started trekking the path of attainment. Scramble for conviction. Scramble for honesty. The smell of forged passion is a pungent one. Don’t undervalue yourself. Acknowledge your strengths and skills so the rest of the world can too. 

Keep scrambling. 

Keep your dream alive.


Art by Mihai Criste.