What if we never speak again and something happens to either of us? What if this new venture isn’t as good as the one that I’m giving up? What if I’m doing good and I suddenly have the urge and want it back? What if I just can’t?

There are an infinite amount of reasons why we don’t let go.

Each carefully developed reason is intricately weaved onto a cloak of fear. We wear this cloak to protect us. To keep us comfortable. To keep us sheltered. To keep us grounded to the things that we’re used to. We wear it with no regard of our own asphyxiation. We wear it, ignorant to the fact that it stifles any chance for personal progression. We wear it to purposely blind us from the unknown. 


This is an ode to relinquishing - something most of us don’t do as often as we should. Some of us find ourselves standing in places that have resulted in previous distress simply because they were once security blankets. We built a routine, something happened along the way, so we broke those routines, built boundaries and set restrictions. Or so we convince ourselves that that’s what we’re doing. Humans crave warmth, and in times of vulnerability, memories of complacency traverse weak mental boundaries. Why not stand up for our worth, our sanity and our time by not only building strong boundaries, but closing chapters? Because we’re fearful of coming to the realization that the time we’ve invested may have not been worth it. We don’t want to come to terms with a possible void. The idea of not partaking in something that has become second nature to us is terrifying. The concept of starting over? Paralyzing. 

Relinquish your control of the things that are beyond it. Let life run it’s course. Take notice of the things that are more harmful than they are helpful. Relinquish anything that isn’t nurturing to your life, soul or spirit. We create spaces within us and bind ourselves to the people and places that make us feel whole. It’s disheartening to have to grasp the notion that those feelings of completeness may not have been for the right reasons, but it allows for a deeper understanding of how to get there…on your own.

Let go.