We are the new millennium - Today’s generation. The generation of instant gratification. From opportunities to love, we are constantly in search of the 2.0. Continuously excavating for something shinier than what we already have. Venerating things, people and ideas that didn’t exist years ago. Showing interest and risking the “thirst” label being slapped on our virtual foreheads. Not showing interest, even if we do, so that we have the upper hand. Because let’s face it - he who seems as if he does not care holds the power in his hands. Mixed signals lose us in translation, because now how do we know if you “don’t care” because you care, or you don’t care because you simply don’t give a shit?

We live in a generation that parades the word REAL and is anything but…though it’s not our fault. We are also the generation of scrutiny. With so many platforms and technologies to be crucified on, who would risk actually being themselves? Why would we actually open up about something we care about? There are millions of downloadable pictures of landscapes with someone else’s quotes on them. There are millions of retweetable quotes from fake Drake accounts. Why would we be about it when we can tweet about it? There are a million ways to hide behind gigabytes. Private messages break trust. Broken trust rips apart relationships that, 20 years ago, would have either survived time or not lasted a week; both equally chilling.

drake quotes

140 characters sent through the wire have replaced 1,000 nervously scribbled words. There is hardly detectable body language through first impression because first impressions are more than likely made online. We don’t really know each other. We are only followers. Not wishing to be connected anymore is as simple as 1, 2, 3, unfollow. 1, 2, 3, block. We are the generation of the swipe-delete. And poof. We’re gone. Forgotten. Encrypted in a million broken bytes, hoping to be unblocked, followed back and resuscitated with the like of a photo. Terrifying.

This is an ode to our generation. An ode to having to survive through the wire. An ode to trying to connect in a disconnected world.

…best wishes.