Look yourself in the mirror. You know where you’ve been, but do you know where you’re going? Are you happy where you are? If you’re not, do you know what steps to take to get out of your situation? If you are, do you have a plan of continuation?

This is for the people that have stared at their reflection in the mirror in search of a sliver of meaning to their life. This is for those that have no idea how they got as far as not knowing where they stand. This is for the people who, instead of a light, see a block at the end of their tunnel.

Whether it’s your career, relationship or life tunnel, it’s a tunnel none the less. You chose to focus your view on a goal you wanted to attain. You’ve trekked far and worked steadily, but somehow you feel like you’ve reached a dead end. I know the unhealthy feeling well. Full of confusion, you start to second-guess and even regret the decisions you’ve made thus far.


Take a second. Take a step back. Take a breath.

If you must take it from someone, take it from me. I’ve stared at as many dead ends as there are in New York City, yet here I am - still trekking. If life has taught me anything, it is that dead ends aren’t always as negative as we presume them to be. It takes a lot of positivity and self-assurance to step back and realize that:

You could be pushing for something that’s not intended for you. The universe will conspire to push you in the direction of your dreams, but it will also conspire to pull you away from the situations you aren’t destined to stay in. As long as you exert positive energy into it, the universe will work in your favor. Working with the opportunities it presents you is unknown territory you have to be willing to face. Remember: Comfort zone, shmomfort zone.

Dead ends could mean you’re making headway! …Unless you’re faced with the same roadblocks time and time again, being hit with a blank wall could mean that you’re actually progressing. Think about it. If you’re making moves and turning corners trying to find a door of opportunity, hitting a few walls is inevitable. It’s a reminder to work smarter, not harder. With that said…

You may be working hard and fast, but are you working smart and clear? I’m in the most transitional period of my life right now. Judging from my previous posts, having a clean slate is the best place I could be at the moment. But what am I going to do with it? I thought I had a plan of attack until one of my best friends gifted me a Passion Planner for my birthday. BOY WAS I WRONG. (Love you, Tiff!) Having dreams is great, but what is the point of working towards them if not correctly? With my gorgeous, new, black leather-bound Passion Planner (the passion part is very important), I was able to distinguish my 3 month, 1 year, 3 year and lifetime goals. I used to write appointments and tasks down in my smartphone, but my planner allows me to brainstorm ideas in words, graphs and doodles. *Writing is scientifically more effective!* It’s “old-fashioned” yes, but it makes you tangibly accountable for goals that are specific, actionable and realistically timed.

If you’re reading this and smiling as you think to yourself, “I remember those days,” then congratulations! You have the tools. If you’re reading this near tears because I seem way too giddy about all of this and you feel like ripping your hair out, r-e-l-a-x. 

This is an ode to getting your sh*t together, and whatever that sh*t may be, now is your chance. This is your time to build. Build on hidden positivity - build your self-confidence - build structure for your aspirations. You’ve already gotten this far - why stop now? And if you haven’t gotten anywhere because you haven’t started yet, then lucky you. Believe me when I tell you, fresh slates are the bessssssst.

Art by Eugenia Loli.