I can admit to being many things, but being vindictive is not one of them. Were all human cholk-full of stuff - a nervous system, thoughts, emotions, etc. Its only natural that our wires get crossed and were interrupted by conflict once in a while. Its your decision to either repair the wires or abandon them in a fiery fritz.

Personally, fire makes me uncomfortable…and who likes to be in a fritz? This is an ode to forgiveness, because HEY - Forgiving does not make you weak. On the contrary, forgiving someone is one of the most empowering things you can do. It took me a long time to comprehend that, and in that long time I was stuck in many, many, MANY sticky, awkward encounters…locked eyes…passive aggressive conversations…even the occasional subliminal tweet. One day, I decided to stop. I stopped investing my time and energy into hating someone permanently for what was a temporary exchange. I stopped victimizing myself. I stopped prolonging the healing process.

Forgive and forget, though? Forgiving does not mean forgetting the action, it means forgetting the pain. It means clearing your plate of junk and loading it with veggies - not smashing the plate into pieces. It means reupholstering yourself, not growing cold by holding onto dark emotions. Be the product of your own betterment, but remember that the equation cannot be solved without forgiving yourself. You may be hurt by someone or have hurt another, but at the end of the day that pain lives within you. Be vulnerable with yourself. Self purge all of that negativity and remold it. Remold yourself all the way to improvement.

Disarm your mind. Do better so that you can feel better. So that you can BE better. So that others can be inspired to also be better. Forgive.