I’ve watered myself down, stretched myself thin and broken myself up for years just so that there was always enough of me to go around. I can attribute this trait to my mother. I’ve never known mami to say no to anyone or anything as long as she was needed. The lady would fight through physical pain just to get to you and give you hours of her day and the shirt off her back. These days she seems tired, and saying “yes” comes with hesitation. These days the importance of being frugal with your energy has never been more apparent to me. 

This is an ode to energy, because not everyone or everything deserves yours.


There’s no need to befriend everyone you meet - not everyone’s intentions are as good or as clear as you would like for them to be. Devote your time to improving relationships with the friends you already have. There’s no need to lend your talents to every project that is extended to you. Collaborate calculatedly. Focus your creativity towards your own unmet goals. There’s no need to date every person that shows interest in you. Retain your efforts for someone who  truly intrigues you. And just in case you entrusted your energy to a person who didn’t uphold it, there’s no need to continue donating your spirit. Time spent reconditioning yourself so that you can fit your heart into someone else’s rectangle is time wasted. 

No one makes a sandwich, waits for someone else to eat most of it and then takes the leftovers for themselves. Delegating where your energy goes doesn’t make you a selfish person, it makes you a balanced one. I included this two posts ago, but…You don’t owe anyone an explanation for taking care of yourself. Be conscious in your choices. Be organized with your time. Do better to be better.

Art by Françoise Nielly.