I’m a twenty-something…and I don’t have anything figured out. If you’re a twenty-something too, you probably don’t either. 

If for some reason you’re a twenty-something that does, please direct me towards your planet of origin. 

Just kidding. 

We’re conditioned to become obsessed with figuring out our lives before we can even hold a pencil. Pre-school curriculums are filled with lessons about community helpers and their jobs. In elementary school, kids invite their parents to explain their work roles to their classrooms. High schoolers are thoroughly tested, prepped and guided through the college application process in efforts to be accepted to an accredited school and then spend the next four years declared to a major that will decide their degree…and essentially the rest of their lives. 


I’m not at all discrediting the value of an education. It’s essential and one should, by any means possible, educate themselves. I myself have a degree from an accredited private school, but as I step into my late-twenties, I can’t help but to wish that the education system was different. 

What I mean is…

Why aren’t we taught about the fundamentals of interpersonal communication the same way we’re taught how to solve for x? Why aren’t we instilled values in a classroom setting versus being reminded by punishment after doing something that violates those values? Why isn’t behavioral health and it’s importance in the world instructed to everyone in every stage of school? Why don’t schools teach consciousness?

Imagine a world where every child who is enrolled to school learns about the benefits of respect, loyalty, mindfulness and love. I attended catholic schools for most of my life. I was taught those things, but only because I was told that they were the right things to do if I wanted to get into heaven. Let’s not turn this into a debate about religion, but just imagine if schools not only taught about the benefits of these factors, but how to deal with their lack thereof. Imagine a world of twenty-somethings who were still trying to figure themselves out, but actually. knew. how to act. 


I’m not a saint. I’m not a genius. I’m not perfect. I am, though, extremely conscious of the way that I affect and am affected by my surroundings. If I had a dollar for every time I wished that people actually thought about the other person prior to saying or doing something, I could start my own school system.

This is, ironically, an ode to consciousness; ironically because I declared consciousness as my word of focus for 2015 in last week’s post. 


While the world is busy being obsessed with where they’re supposed to be, most are dismissing where they are presently. I’m an every day witness to small issues turned colossal because of lack of consciousness. Try it. Apply it. In problem solving, in your interpersonal relationships at work, in your love life and with yourself. Communication; it’s very much a domino effect. Being conscious of your actions and how they might affect someone is just an extra little step. A domino. Whether it’s a change in approach, a flip of a word in a sentence or an adjustment of a response, it goes a longer way than you think. 

A revolution by thought. A girl can dream. 

Art by BECHA.