I’ve outgrown you. I can put it down a thousand ways and you’d probably still claim my arrogance, but it’s as simple as I’m growing and you just don’t fit anymore. I refuse to forge my vacancy so you can linger any longer. You’ve driven me through memorable highs and lower lows, but I was told that ‘sometimes you have to lose your mind before you come to your senses.’ I’ve smelled the roses - A field of them it seems - and quite frankly, you’re poisoning my garden.

This ode to de-weeding is dedicated to you, negativity. To all the years I’ve wasted nurturing you. To the people that assisted you in deflowering me. To the hole I dug in myself to accommodate you. To your attempt at manifesting my destruction. I will no longer grant you entry. Felicity has taken the place you never deserved. She is my guiding light; a perfect prayer in a desperate hour. I’d rather chase her everyday than have you show up uninvited. She is my drive. She is my sanity in the most insane memories of you. You appeased my progress - Felicity is my motive.

I choose positivity - in all aspects. In everyone. In everything. Always. +