I’m not sure how many people actually anticipate my Weekly Wisdom posts, but for what it’s worth, I apologize for my tardiness. I’ve been, for lack of a better word, reflecting. As my 24th year of life quickly comes to an end, my life is taking a couple of spins. Some of the spins…good, some of the spins…well…this is an ode to self-love

Looking at this blog collectively, my weekly posts have developed a pattern in theme: Love and positivity, though this week I realized that I haven’t been completely practicing what I preach. I am my own worst critic - kind of like a Dance or Pageant Mom, except I’m tough on myself about absolutely everything. I usually let my problems devour me until they’re solved and let everything get the best of me. My observations led to, “How can I possibly be the best version of myself when all I have left is the worst?" 



The actions pertaining to it span the gamut, but it all comes down to the belief that you’re just not good enough. 

Some self-loathe presents itself blatantly. Repeating "I’m so f*cking fat,” is not going to make you fit. Constantly complaining about things that can be changed is pointless and draining. 

Some of it is disguised as fear. You’re probably more qualified for that promotion than you think. You can probably get the guy if you actually tried. Letting fear build roadblocks for you is enabling your own stagnancy. 

Some of it is projected. Ranting about someone else’s flaws isn’t going to make you a better person. You’re just pointing fingers so others can look on with you. If they are as bad you claim they are, then their reputation should ruin itself. 

I say that to say this:

Stop sucking the life out of yourself. Try to change the things you can & let the things you can’t change run their course. Mistakes will be made. Stop beating yourself up about the past and own the fact that you are deserving of a better future. Look at the potential inside of yourself.

Potential for greatness — We all have it.

Some of us let it blossom, while some of us let self-hate build walls against us. 

Choose to blossom.

Love yourself for everything that you are and can be. Believe that you deserve the best and attract all the light that the world has to offer.

Believe better to do better to be better.