“I wrote this [post] from 30,000 feet in the air…” Sorry. Big Kendrick Lamar fan. Had to. 

As I write this, I’m on a flight back from paradise; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to be exact. It was extremely difficult to pay attention this past week, but through the unlimited sun, amazing food, strong drinks and much needed relaxation, there were some things that stood out for me. This is an ode to the things I learned from my Mexican vacation.


1. Crack a smile and do whatever job you’re currently doing to the best of your ability.

I’ve traveled to several countries and I can honestly say that I’ve never gotten better service than that of this vacation. Not only was everyone from the drivers to the bartenders extremely polite, but they served with a smile. You could weed out the very few that worked for tips from those that actually enjoy what they do for a living. Seeing these people in action not only made my job seem like a piece of cake, but it made me want to find happiness in every task. Yes, I still have a long way to go until I have my ideal career, but to get what you love, you must first be patient with what you hate. A dramatic way to put it, but true none the less. 

2. New Yorkers are fascinating beings.

I’ve slept in New Jersey for over 10 years. I say “sleep” because other than work, I do everything in New York City. I was born and raised in Uptown, Manhattan and continue to spend all my time and money there today. I can’t recall one person that my friends and I met on this trip that didn’t either assume we were New Yorkers or gave us a side-eye after sharing our hometown locations. As the attractive women that we are, we undoubtedly received male attention. We either had conversations with intrigued gentlemen or guys that assigned us stereotypes as soon as “York” rolled off our tongues

. By our second day we learned to deal with it. New Yorkers aren’t supposed to be understood - we’re meant to be felt. I thought I knew that after studying abroad in Rome, but learning that lesson as an adult gave it a different meaning for me. 

3. Take it all in, regardless of where you are.

We took a trip to a party paradise, yet we barely partied. Why? Because we were too exhausted at night after all the amazing excursions we took part in. It became clear to me while speaking to the usual “turn-up pool” frequenters that it is conceived that three girls on vacation are only after one thing. We shocked a lot of people when we rejected their invites to Squid Roe & The Pink Kitty. “What?! You’re on vacation! Come out with us!” Sure, last night at the bars was cool, but the early morning camel ride through the beach was better. I don’t think you’ve really visited a country until you’ve experienced it. No need for a foreign hangover…I can experience that at home. 

More stamps on my passport, more checks on my bucket list, more people met, more lessons learned. Until my next trip. Thank you, Cabo.