I recently decided to cut my hair. Not just a trim or even a bob, but an asymmetrical pixie cut. The responses I have received post cutting aren’t exactly what I had expected.

Thank you for telling me that my hair was ‘so nice’ before, but yes, I do like it. No, I haven’t recently gone through a life-wrenching heartbreak, am in a crisis of some sort, or am facing an experimental phase. No, I haven’t just decided that I am now into females. Yes, as far as I know, men are still attracted to me. No, I’m not trying drugs and NO…you cannot pet me. 

The amount of times I’ve had to defend myself since I “took the plunge” rivals that of the amount of times LL Cool J licks his lips in a day. If for some very odd reason you’ve been sheltered from pop culture and don’t understand, I’ve had to defend myself A LOT. In all actuality, I don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why I decided to cut my hair, but if I must, I did it because I wanted to. I simply wanted a change. I cut my hair the same way another woman gets highlights or bangs. It’s just hair.

My decision does not attribute to any identity issues. There is no such thing as a “boy haircut” and short hair doesn’t make me any less of a beautiful Latina woman. Short hair doesn’t make anyone any less of anything. On the contrary, any woman that is brave enough to rock a crop deserves respect – It takes a certain level of confidence to own a short ‘do. Absolutely no offense to the ladies with long locks, it’s just not for me. Not right now. The length of your hair doesn’t define you and definitely shouldn’t dictate your life. If you wouldn’t “go as far as a chopping it off,” then don’t! Wear whatever hairstyle, haircut and hair color you choose as long as you own it.

Now excuse me while I take a cue from Ms. India Arie - I am not my hair…but my hair is SO me.