Sometimes truth is nose to nose, screaming and exhaling its rancid breath onto us and we’re still trying to cover its mouth. One of life’s most challenging moments is having to look at something for what it really is and not what we want to see it for. 


This is an ode to truth, because we often close ourselves off from it when…

…making connections with people. We project our wants onto the people we meet and run with the idea of the person. That person, who has their own mind, spirit, qualities and behaviors, isn’t seen for who they really are until you’re left wondering, “WTF.” You whip up ridiculous excuses for their actions - maybe they’re going through something, maybe they just don’t know how to express themselves, maybe it’s Mercury retrograde, maybe the weather’s got them down, etc. You close your ears to bad communication. In your mind, any problems that surface can be fixed, but you can only bandage the same wound so many times. It’s okay to admit that some relationships just don’t work. Weak bonds break if they’re not tended to, and even the most tending won’t strengthen what’s meant to part.

…expressing ourselves. Some of us are skilled architects. We build Great Wall of China’s worth of sugar-coated facades to cover up what we really are or what we want to say. Be it about our ideas, sexuality, style, or anything that should permeate authenticity, it’s difficult for some of us to be ourselves in front of others. The fear of what others could possibly think haunts you. The sooner you realize that what people think about you is none of your business, the happier you will be in your own skin. You were created to be but one person. You are an enigma. A wonderful expression of the universe. Saturate in all of your beautiful colors and let them bleed out into the world. Some people will care, some people won’t, but the only person that should is you. 

…living. Life revolves around the energies we accept into it and how our own energies are affected by them. Being receptive to negativity and introducing it to your world says more about us than we think. Like attracts like. Positivity attracts positivity, and negativity attracts…you get the point. There would be no need to fill a void of acceptance if you took the time to love and accept yourself first. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for taking care of yourself. Acquaint yourself with things that are going to add value to your life. 

We project illusions and create facades for the things we really want in our lives. Instead of spending that energy painting over what already stands, spend it manifesting those wants into your life. Your lips are always pressed against the universe’s ear. It hears, it sees and it gives back. Be conscious of what you leak into it. 

Do better to be better.

Live your truth.