This is an ode to all relationshits. Yes. RELATIONSHITS. Whether it be with a significant other, friend, family member or even a boss, this is an ode to all shitty unions. Why? Because they help you (here comes my favorite word) appreciate the opposite when it comes along. Relationshits pave the way and roll out the red carpet for the substantial, meaningful, enlightening relationships that enter your life. This is not to say that the people you’re in these relationshits with are…shitty, but their way of nurturing what you both have is. You can be a thoughtful lover, an ultra caring friend, a helpful son or daughter, or a diligent employee - some people either won’t care or won’t know how to show that they do. 

If you feel like you’ve gotten the short end of the stick in a kinship and you’re pulling your weight, stop. Stop and tell them how you feel. Stop and work towards change. Stop and walk away. Just stop and open your eyes to greater opportunities. There are 7 billion people in the world - that’s 7 billion reasons for you to find happiness.

You are worth it.

I’d like to use this as a double ode. My second ode being dedicated to all of the beautiful people I’ve met and/or formed meaningful companionships with in the past year.

It’s really not about who you’ve known the longest, it’s about who took the time to be in the present.

This is an ode to all of the people who have been sources of inspiration, support and love during one of the most trying years of my life.

You will never go unnoticed. 

Stop complaining about someone who doesn’t elate you. There are millions of fish in the sea - not to mention there are seven seas. There are fish that want to listen, fish that want to talk, fish that’ll want to take you out for drinks, fish that will pay you what you deserve, fish that will see your potential, and fish that will love you. Open your eyes and your mind to what is and what could be.

Do better to be better.

Koi Fish art by

Risa Oram.