This week I’ve been surrounded by topics of love. Love that has survived decades, love that died faster than a Betta Fish, passionate love, struggling love, love that’s not really love, etc. I am extremely grateful to have my parents as an example of undying, unconditional love. To see a love of 30 years continue to flourish in a world where social networks and body language are the cause for most surmise and destruction is a beautiful thing.


Lets call this an ode to true, unconditional, respectful love. An ode to love that doesn’t have alternate intention. An ode to dedicated love. An ode to love that doesn’t ask for anything. This is an ode to love that JUST LOVES.

This week has highlighted the cracks in this generation of people’s perceptions. Mostly, perceptions of what is acceptable and what actions should be rewarded when holding the heart of another. Acceptable behavior in love, to me, is an oxymoron. Why? Because true love is uncalculated. True love doesn’t map out what to say or do, it acts upon raw emotion. The feeling of true love overwhelms the soul and manipulates everything - true love holds the heart of another extremely high. Most times higher than themselves.

True love does not cheat, steal, lie OR have wandering eyes. So, why should I accept an apology when you have made me inferior to the person in your tucked away messages? True love has both feet firmly in the present because it means standing beside you, ready to run on any count. So, why should I have to accept your one foot in the door way? Who are you keeping it open for? True love does not seek reward. So, why should I need to congratulate you for not sticking your member in another woman? Do you really deserve a pat on the back or a stroke of your ego for “fighting the urge to be a total d*ck?” (Wise words from a friend.)

I usually close my entries with a small piece of light for my readers to take with them, but I feel like my advice would fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. Just love yourself and everything will follow. Loving yourself means recognizing your worth so that when someone acts like the paragraph above, you can get up and somersault away. Its a tough pill to swallow, but remember: You’re never losing someone who would have made you lose yourself. Do better to be better.