As I turn 25 on June 6th, I’ve taken the time to reflect and express my gratitude for the lessons I’ve retained thus far. I want to take this time to thank everyone that has played a part in my personal evolution, which includes supporting my blog. Forever grateful. 

An Ode to 24:

  1. Always be yourself. Love what you love, even if your friends and family don’t. Someone will get you along the way.
  2. Don’t prove yourself by telling people what you are. Show them and let them show you.
  3. Pay attention to the people and the places that surround you. You will get farther by being present in all moments.
  4. When you get angry, speak softly. They will listen harder.
    “It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”
  5. Seeking revenge is pointless and exhausting. Once the deed is done, the misery still stands. Joy is found in letting things run their course – as long as it may take.
  6. Move in silence. Don’t tell the world what you’re up to. Always have a couple of tricks up your sleeve. “Lo que se dice, no se da.”
  7. Wear whatever the hell you want to wear when you feel like wearing it, but remember that your style speaks for you even before you open your mouth.
  8. Don’t let anyone classify your eclecticism as mixiness. Dabble in different things, people, music, food and experiences.
  9. Take that loan. Go study abroad. You will see things you’ve never seen before with a pair of eyes you’ll never get again. The debt is worth it.
  10. Don’t wait for people to do things with you. Do those things with whoever is willing, or do them alone. Learn to be your best company.
  11. Don’t wait for anything or anyone. Take the trips you want to take while you still can.
  12. Cliché sayings will make the most sense to you during your 20s.
  13. Life really does go on. Nothing ever goes 100% as planned. Sometimes they turn out for the worst, but even the worst beginnings make for perfect endings.
  14. The people in your life will influence you whether you want them to or not. Everyone you associate with will play even the smallest part in your personal growth.
  15. Every year is a season in your life. You are only stagnant if you force yourself to be.
  16. As much as you think you are polar opposites, you will eventually quote your mother. She really does know best most of the time.
  17. Complain less. Be grateful for the things you do have in order to make way for the things you want.
  18. Choose your battles wisely. You don’t have a minute to spare. “Just because someone has shown you their weapons doesn’t mean you need to accept the war.”
  19. People will respect you as much as you respect yourself.
  20. Keep the things that are special to you sacred, even if those “things” are people. You aren’t keeping them a secret, it’s just none of anyone’s business.
  21. Learn to be at peace with your flaws, and if you want a “better” body, make a conscious effort every day. Change comes from within.
  22. If you love someone, TELL THEM.
  23. Don’t compare yourself to others. Your beginning will not be equal to that of someone’s middle or end.
  24. Take chances, and be fearless in the chances you take. Just because what you want to do is being done, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it. Only you know what you have to offer. Tap into your gifts. They are meant to be shared.