Self Reminders and Mental Nudges: Part II

It’s okay to be stressed.

It’s okay to feel insecure. 

It’s okay to feel lost.

It’s okay to not. want. to. do. a. damn. thing. 

Just remember…not to let those feelings linger. 


You’re great, so allow yourself to be. Extend yourself so that you’re able to share your gifts with many, but don’t stretch yourself too thin. Your energy is a boomerang in the universe. Put into it what you would like to be returned to you. Light for light. Truth for truth. Love for love.

What you’re doing may already have been done, but no one can do it quite like you. Don’t waste your energy comparing yourself to others. Instead, use them as stimulation. Let them inspire you to be better, but remember: stepping on someone else does not make you taller. Bullying and jealously should never be coping mechanisms. If you feel like the world is sleeping on you, use your gifts and work a little harder to show them what they’re missing. 

Pay attention. Finding yourself at a dead end only means that you missed a sign along the way. When you feel like you’ve made all the right turns but you still can’t find yourself, try going a little farther. Broaden your horizons. Expose yourself to different opinions, ideas and environments. Allow yourself to step back and see different paths for your ultimate goal.

Don’t let exhaustion from overexertion become an excuse for laziness. Picture your target as you taste your struggle. Be excited about yourself. You have a purpose. Reinforce it. Anchor yourself to things and people that will help you carry on even when things get too heavy. The world is your toolbox. Use it wisely. 

Stay reminded. 

Stay mentally nudged.

Art by Leomarlis Bojos.