Say No to Emotional Terrorism

Since when isn’t is your concern how you make me feel?

Everything around us is based upon feeling. We consume things because they’re beneficial and/or make us feel good. If that wasn’t the case we would be eating God-knows-what just to be fed and wearing potato sacks just so that we’re clothed. Everything we intake is based on feeling, so why should what you say or do be any different?  

emo terror.jpeg

I found myself in an innumerable amount of uncomfortable encounters this week all stemming from interactions with irresponsible people. Specifically, people that were irresponsible with their words and emotions. I am a communicator. I love exchanging words with people. I love being present for what someone has to say regardless of whether it’s an interpersonal exchange or they use a certain platform to express themselves. Although I’m all about expression of the true self, I also believe that expression should be packaged wisely. By all means, tell me what you mean, but don’t insult me. Tell me how you’re feeling, but don’t make it impossible for me to offer consolation. Tell me what you think, but don’t forget that I may not agree with you.

This is an ode to responsibility. Please…be responsible with your words and emotions. I like to call the people that aren’t emotional terrorists. They thrive upon both subtle and blatant expressions that leave one feeling attacked, whether it be through pressure, humiliation, rage or, for lack of a better word, awkwardness. As cliché and childish as it may be, the phrase “think before you speak” should always apply. Thoughts expressed can only be forgiven, not forgotten. A life lived constantly making amends isn’t a life lived at all. Your age shouldn’t excuse you from caring about how something you express affects another person. What you put out into the universe is what you welcome in. Be as you wish to seem…unless you want to seem like an emotional terrorist. In that case, you have bigger problems.

Do better to be better.