The beginning of every year sets most people off in a frenzy – half-setting unrealistic goals, running in all directions trying to get to a barely-visible finish line without a clue as to how to get there. Then when they don't achieve the goals they set because they've been juggling empty words without intention, they beat themselves up about it, plan to start again the next year, and continue their cycle of self-loathing, and unpreparedness.

Slow down. Don't be that guy.

The beginning of a new year should be a time of gratitude, renewal, love, and most of all, intentional energy. You can certainly hone in on these by completing Full Moon release rituals and New Moon manifestation rituals, but what if you could supplement your already soul-nourishing practices with something that will hold you accountable for your goals all year long? 

Create the year you envision as your best by writing your own Claim of Abundance. 

Claim, abundance – such powerful words. Besides that, this letter to your future self is a unique manifestation tool meant to carefully – and simply – plan out your goals word by word. Look at it as a map for the year ahead. Think about who you want to be, how you want to feel, where you want to travel to, and even how much money you want to make, spend, and save. Center yourself, meditate, pray, reflect on it, then take all of your intentional energy, and put it into claiming abundance by writing your own Claim of Abundance.

I've created a custom Claim of Abundance letter for you to print and fill in to your soul's liking. I put all of my love into it so that whatever you write manifests in divine time, but by all means, take mine as a sample and create your own! 

When you're done you can do one of two things. You can fold it up, seal it, and read it again at the end of the year if you want to use it like you use your New Moon journal. If you want to use it as a daily reminder of the intentions you set so that you're able to hold yourself accountable for the actions necessary to make them come to life, then print it, frame it, and hang it up somewhere you can see it every day like a vision board.

It's best to use the miraculous energy of the New Moon to manifest the things that you write down, so make sure to print and fill in your Claim of Abundance before the New Moon period is over! 

Wishing you wealth of love, health, spirit, and joy – Melanie.