Weird Beauty Tips Mami Was Right About


Mami always knows best.

Besides giving me everyday advice on friends, boys and other things I didn’t want to hear about growing up, mami was always dishing out random beauty tips – most of which I didn’t appreciate until recently. Today I am thankful for the remedios caseros para la belleza that mami has passed on to me. They are still saving me time, money and embarrassment even into my 20s.


The Hispanic Pin-Curl. Wash your hair as usual, detangle and comb a dime-size amount of anti-frizz serum with your fingers. Take one-inch sections of hair, loop your hair back on itself from tip to root, and secure with a bobby pin. Do this to your entire head, let air dry or flip open a magazine under the hair dryer. When completely dry, unpin and voilà – healthy curls galore. Style as desired.

Cold Water Face Wash

Mami advised me that it prevented pimples, but washing your face with cold water has multiple benefits. Hot water dehydrates your skin, while cold water shocks your pores, shrinks them and gives blood circulation a nudge if massaged during cleansing. A great habit to start, especially before bed. Anything for beautiful skin.

Garlic Nail Polish

If you can get over the initial smell, finely chopping fresh garlic and letting it sit in your favorite top coat for a week becomes the ultimate nail hardener. Plus, garlic is a natural anti-bacterial. If you want to skip the kitchen work, try your local beauty supply store for a bottle.

Vinegar Hair Rinse

The tip that started my aversion to all of mami’s tips, but probably the best one of all. Mami used vinegar rinses as a teen to keep her hair super sleek amidst Cuba’s heat. Using a one part apple cider vinegar and one part water mix as a rinse de-gunks hair and seals the cuticles leaving you with super shiny locks. Pour on or use with a spray bottle after shampooing. No need for conditioner!

Cinnamon Oil in Lipgloss

LIP PLUMP FOR WHAT? No need to pay for anything but cinnamon leaf oil when you need a temporary fix for thin lips. Mix a drop of the oil with petroleum jelly and glide on your lips for a natural way to a sexier pout.

Aluminum Foil for Hair Masks

Heat enhances the effects of a hair mask and aluminum traps in heat. I didn’t have a hair dryer at home growing up, so Saturdays meant cleaning the house with a deep conditioning treatment on my hair and an aluminum foil “hat” to seal it all in. Yes, we looked like aliens for an hour or two, but the end result was always worth it.

Toothpaste Spot Treatment

Yes. Toothpaste does work on pimples. It doesn’t necessarily “cure” blemishes, but its components, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and menthol, have drying effects. Use an extremely small amount to avoid irritation.

Preparation H for Puffy Eyes

And for the oldest and weirdest trick of them all, just make sure you buy a brand new tube JUST for your eyes. The active ingredients aid in constricting blood vessels in turn de-puffing eyes. Use a cold compress first then delicately tap in the cream.

Mami (still) knows best.