An Ode to Hair Dieting


Yes! Hair Dieting!

I have a bad case of HAIR BOREDOM…so I like to switch things up from time to time. I’ll spend a couple of months as a blonde bombshell and then walk out of the salon one day as a lustrous brunette. Last summer was time to go back to my dark brown roots, but this time I wanted to make it count. Months and months of bleach and dye had taken its toll on my hair, so I decided to HAIR DIET. Here are the rules I’ve stuck by:


The Hair Diet Commandments:

1. Thou shalt eat well.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet. Cliché Alert: You are what you eat. Next time you’re hungry just think…do you want greasy cheeseburger hair? Or do you want thick, delicious, vibrant hair?

2. Thou shalt shampoo and condition DIFFERENTLY.

I used to be one to wash my hair everyday…especially in the summertime. Stop! Your hair needs the natural oils it produces. Instead shampoo and condition every other or on the third day. Switching up your shampoo is also key…see commandment number 4…

3. Thou shalt leave your hair alone!

Stop rubbing your rough towels or squeeeeeeezing until its dry. You’re only rustling your hair cuticles to give you frizz. Instead, after washing, tie your hair up in a microfiber towel and let your hair dry on it own and then style. I got a microfiber turban for less than $5.

4. Thou shalt put…the alcohol…DOWN.

I can’t stress how crucial styling is to hair dieting. A major part of what I did is toss any hair products that contained unwanted chemicals: Alcohol, Parabens and Sulfates. This made ALL the difference in my hair. These chemicals suck the moisture out, leaving you with frizzy locks. Some of the replacements I found for my shampoo, conditioner and curly hair products are shown below.

healthy hair
healthy hair

5. Thou shalt turn down the heat.

Well… You want hot hair don’t you? Limit the amount of heat you use. Since I have curly hair, I like to straighten my hair more in the wintertime and just let it rock for a few days. Instead of blow drying wet, I let rollers sit under a dryer in a less than blazing setting. Dominican blowouts are the best!…but their salons basically fry their clients to save time. I recently got my own hair dryer so I watch a movie while I wait.

6. Thou shalt acquaint yourself with your new best friend…Biotin.

B-complex vitamins play a huge role in metabolizing - Vitamin B7 or Biotin aids in metabolizing hair growth and structure! Its the hair, skin and nails magic pill, but you must keep consistent with its intake. Most people take Biotin 1000 or 5000 but since B7 is already in my multivitamin, I chose 600.

healthy hair

My hair is in essence…different hair! Its stronger, shinier and has grown a bunch. I couldn’t be happier. Abide by these simple rules for show-stopping growth, shine and thickness. Good luck!